The Future

Our vision is to deliver strategic value to customer as a full service manufacturing service solution, adaptive to meet changing customer needs and market environment.

Our team is able to provide value-added services such as early project development and customized supply chain solutions.

We pride ourselves in offering fast turnaround time and quality products, earning us long-term projects and partnership with leading names in Precision, Medical, Semi-conductor and Aerospace Industries.


Long Standing History And Rich Heritage

Established in 1987, Speedy is a leading manufacturer of Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies, Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Box-build and System Integration

Speedy’s business model has evolved through last 3 decades, through vertical integration and in-house capabilities development to keep pace with market demands. Being based in Singapore, with manufacturing facilities in both Singapore and Malaysia, we are well-position to provide excellent services to global supply chain needs.

Today, we are a total solution provider. Regardless of simple point-to-point assemblies to complex multi-level integration, high-mix, low-volume projects requiring fast turnaround. There are no order too complex for us.


Quality As Pre-Requisite

Speedy is committed to provide best-class quality products and all-around service standards, meeting quality targets, delivery fulfillment and professional sales support services through product life cycle.

Abiding to ISO9001:2015 Quality Standard, our operations are structured and systemized with quality awareness and control.

We are also UL certified manufacturer. All our assemblies are produced according by UL standards.


Dedication to Business Value Through One-Stop Services

We recognize the uniqueness of each customer’s demand, therefore Speedy has continuously expand its in-house manufacturing and resource management capabilities to position ourselves as an agile one-stop solution, to extend cost effective solutions to our customers.

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